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The activity of drivers of unscheduled transport service

This activity is regulated by Law 15/01/1992 n.21, which divides unplanned transport service into two types:

  • taxi service, supplying transports for individuals or small groups;
  • hiring service with driver, for specific users that have submitted an application to the carrier’s office for a definite time service.


The List of Drivers

Enrolment in the List of drivers is essential to obtain licence for taxi service as well as the authorization for rent service with driver (available for vehicles up to 9 seats including the driver, sidecars and animals-drawn vehicles).

Enrolment is also essential to carry out the service as a substitute of the owner for a given time (or a given travel), or as an employee of a firm allowed to carry on rent service with driver or, finally, as a substitute of the employee himself with time contract.


How to enrol in the List of Drivers

There are two ways of enrolling in the List of Drivers:

  1. by taking an exam
  2. by right


Enrolment by taking the exam

Applicants interested in enrolling in the provincial List, having to take the exam to assess the qualifications required, must send in:

  • application form (download here) on stamped paper duly filled in and signed by the applicant; the form also specifies the documents to be attached to the application form;
  • payment certificate of € 80,40 for administrative fees (€ 3,40 of which are for postal charges recovery) on postal giro account n. 251157 entered to Camera di Commercio di Alessandria (this payment can be also made directly to the Ufficio Ruoli Camerali when you send in the application form).


Every year, expiry dates for sending in the application are:

15th February

15th May

15th August

15th November

in time to take the exam in the first examination session.


About the exam

Apart from knowledge of the highway code, the exam assessing the requisites to carry out unscheduled transport service with driver involves the following issues and subjects:

  • elements of Piedmontese geography;
  • elements of toponymy of major Communes and the Province to which the list refers to;
  • elements of civil and penal law, useful for carrying out the activity. In particular, candidates have to know contracts of carriage, driver’s duties and responsibilities, rights of the people being carried, regulations of public safety;
  • elements of industrial injuries, accident prevention, measures to take in case of accident;
  • elements about drivers’ professional conduct.

Applicants for enrolment in the provincial List of Drivers for animal-drawn vehicles must know also elements of ordinary maintenance of vehicles, have a general knowledge of draught animals’ anatomy and physiology, driving and roadholding with such vehicles. If applicants don’t have a driving licence (for cars or sidecars), they must prove to have a good knowledge about rules of the road.


Books for study

Copies of texts useful for the exam are available for free at the Office “Albi, Ruoli ed Elenchi” (or you can also download it here). The exam consists of a written part, also based on multiple-choice questions, and an oral part. Candidates that don’t pass the written part will have to send in a new application. Candidates that don’t pass the oral part are allowed only once to take the exam again, in the immediately following session.

The exam will be held at the Chamber of Commerce of Torino. Candidates will be sent a registered letter with a return receipt.


Enrolment by right

This is a “residual” enrolment, involving candidates having the requisites below, within 16th March 1995:

  • taxi driving licence or authorization for hiring service with driver;
  • being a domestic or a substitute of owners of taxi driving licence (or hiring with driver);
  • being employees at an authorised firm for at least 6 months since the law on driving licence became effective.

Application must be sent in on a specific form (download here) on stamped paper, duly filled in and signed by the applicant; the form also specifies the documents to be attached. Candidates must also attach a payment certificate of administrative fees (€ 31,00) on postal giro account 00251157 entered to “Camera di Commercio di Alessandria” (this payment can be also made directly to the Office “Ruoli Camerali” at the moment of sending the application).

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