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How to enroll a company in the Register

It is compulsory for precious metal objects (platinum, palladium, gold and silver) on sale to bear the fineness (in thousandths) and the identification hallmark.


In Italy the fineness values are:

  • Platinum: 950, 900 and 850 thousandths
  • Palladium: 950 and 500 thousandths
  • Gold: 750, 585 and 375 thousandths
  • Silver: 925 and 800 thousandths


All the Chambers of Commerce keep a precious metals identification hallmark assignee Register, in which the following users must enroll:


  1. sellers of platinum, palladium, gold and silver in bullions, bars, rolled sections, section bars and semi-manufactured products in general;
  2. manufacturers or importers of objects containing the metals mentioned above.


To obtain identification hallmark and registration in the Register, companies have to submit:

  • application on stamped paper with €10,33 duty stamp, addressed to the Chamber of Commerce;
  • copy of a Public Security license (not requested for handicraft business);
  • payment for assay and trademark rights made to Camera di Commercio di Alessandria, postal giro account n. 251157, as follows:
    • € 65,00 for craftwork companies registered in the List of Handicraft Business and for laboratories annexed to commercial enterprises;
    • € 258,00 for industrial enterprises;
    • € 516,00 for industrial enterprises employing over 100 staff.


The Chamber of Commerce assigns the applicant a hallmark number within two months since the submission of the application form, provides enrolment of the company in the Register and arranges for the realisation of the matrices for the hallmark.


Hallmark concession is subject to yearly renewal by payment of a fee within the month of January of each year, as follows:

  • € 32,00 for craftwork companies enrolled in the List of Handicraft Business and for laboratories annexed to a commercial enterprise;
  • € 129,00 for industrial enterprises;
  • € 258,00 for industrial enterprises employing over 100 staff.


Renewal becomes effective by delivering a payment certificate, with a special application form, to the Chamber of Commerce. Applicants paying after the month of January will be subjected to a late-payment penalty, amounting to one-twelfth per month of payment delay or fraction thereof.

Moreover, in case of default of payment within the year, the Chamber of Commerce shall arrange for the withdrawal of the identification hallmark and cancellation from the assignee Register, notifying it to the police headquarters.


Owners of hallmarks can apply for the preparation of punches, by submitting a special application form to the Chamber of Commerce. Punches will be obtained from the matrices held by the Chamber itself.



D.Lgs. 22.5.1999 n. 251 (G.U. n. 180 - 3.8.1999)

D.P.R. 30.5.2002 n. 150 (G.U. n. 173 - 25.7.2002)

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