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The expert’s activity

The expert’s activity consists in providing a work performance or a service, (generally non-intellectual work). It is mostly self-employment, with no contractual obligations towards the customer, and it is regulated by articles 2222 and subsequent of the Civil Code. An expert is indeed a self-employed worker who “is obliged to provide a work performance or a service, mostly with self-employment and with no contractual obligations towards the customer”.

The expert’s activity is extremely varied; it consists in giving technical assistance in those activities or sectors requiring a particular, specific competence. Experts enrolled in the Chamber’s List carry out mostly practical functions, except for those activities regulated by Lists, Rolls or Professional Associations.


The List of Experts

The List of Experts makes informative advertising, that is, “advertises” people thought to be suitable for making a valuation on certain product categories, without assigning any exclusive qualifications. In other words, enrolment in the List of Experts is not qualifying, in the sense that the expert’s activity can be carried on by anyone, being the activity free. Therefore, enrolment acts as good references do: it proves and guarantees the experts’ qualification and competence in the subjects they have enrolled for.


There is a clear distinction between the List of Experts and the List of “court experts”. These are technical consultants appointed by the judge who can give technical advice to the court, according to the provisions of law R.D. 18.12.1941, n.1368 (provisions for the Code of Civil Procedure). Enrolment in one of the two Lists does not preclude enrolment in the other one. On the contrary, enrolment in the List of Experts can be considered a good qualification to enroll in the List of technical experts appointed by the judge.


The Chamber of Commerce establishes the provincial List of Experts. It is divided into categories and sub-categories including functions, goods and handmade products related to a single economic activity (i.e. producing goods or providing services) that is generally carried out in the provincial territory; for this purpose the Chamber of Commerce itself establishes a List of categories and sub-categories which is later on approved by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Enrolment can be presented for no more than 3 categories that have to be similar.


Only individual persons can enrol in the List of Experts (therefore companies, corporate bodies and associations are excluded).


How to enrol in the List of Experts

To enrol in the List of Experts you have to send in:

  • application form on stamped paper duly filled in and signed by the applicant (download here); application must be sent in to the unit called “Ruoli camerali” or by email; in the model you will also find the documents to attach to the application form;
  • photocopy of a valid identification document;
  • detailed curriculum vitae in which you have to specify the professional skills indicated above;
  • valid qualifications and documents to attest the applicant’s suitability for the expert’s activity;
  • payment certificate of  168,00 on postal giro account n. 8003 entered in Agenzia delle Entrate  (Revenue Agency) – Tasse Concessioni Governative;
  • administrative fees, equal to 77,00, in case the candidate has to do the exam, or €31,00 otherwise, can be paid into postal giro account n.251157 entered in Camera di Commercio di Alessandria, or paid directly to the Chamber at the moment of sending your application form.


N.B.  The person registered can ask for an identification card that testifies enrolment in the List; the identification card is subject to annual renewal.

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